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Justice Burning - A Heroes in Justice novel

Justice Burning

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International Bestselling Novel!

Widowed Fire Investigator, Aidan McLeod is determined never to fall in love again. Serving his family and community is enough.

School counselor and graphologist, Morgan Daryl inherited her Grandmother’s farm. Ready for a fresh start, she leaves a tragic past behind to move to Justice, Missouri.

An explosive fire at Morgan’s school triggers a series of escalating fires throughout town. At each fire, the arsonist leaves a note. Can Morgan’s graphology training help?

As Aidan works to catch the arsonist, he struggles against a growing attraction to Morgan. Can Aidan learn to trust Morgan with the investigation and his heart?

Aidan will have to decide soon, because Justice is burning and it’s up to Aidan to stop it before someone ends up dead.

Author: April Erwin
Series: Heroes in Justice, Book 1
Genre: Series
Publisher: Solstice Faith
Publication Year: April 2015
ISBN: 9781625262165

"...My first thought when I finished reading was: "This book should be made into a movie!" Really. I enjoyed it very much! :) There were a lot of great thoughts about life, love, giving ourselves new opportunities... I also liked it because it was not just romance but combination of romance, suspense and I could say a self-help book :)  And I learned a little bit about graphology - very interesting." - Mateja in email from Slovenia, Europe


"Make no mistake about it, "Justice Burning," is unlike most other romances you'll find on the market today. While this story is a bonafide genre romance (with the kind of ending that delights romance fans), it reads like the most captivating action/mystery/adventures.

Honestly, I was not ready for the unfolding of this romance. The story opens like a Lee Child or David Baldacci action mystery. I was four chapters into the story, totally enjoying the expedience, when it occurred to me: 'shouldn't there be a heroine in here somewhere?'

Of course, as soon as it occurred to me that this was not a stock-genre romance opening, where the hero and heroine 'must' meet on the first page, presto: the heroine appears! And what a heroine! I just fell in love with her.

I found that,"Justice Burning," delivered both mainstream excitement and unpredictability along with all the warm feelings you expect in a genre romance.

By 'mainstream' I mean genuine 'mainstream' elements. For example, there are at least four different points of view. That means there are scenes in which the hero and/or heroine do not appear. I've read over 1,500 romances and this is not typical in the standard romance novel. In fact, having scenes in which the two main characters don't appear allows the author to create a much richer reading experience. The writing in this full-bodied novel is much truer to real life than usually found in limited two person only POV fiction. I felt this difference right away because I read a lot of romances and mainstream fiction.

Also, in "Justice Burning", the plot is superbly worked out with a firm foundation for future developments that play fair with the reader and allow the story to end without any loose ends. The writing style is a refreshing delight to read. The author has a crisp new voice that I am sure will be enjoyed by her many new fans to come who will want to experience her fuller, less predictable, romantic reading experiences. At least, this has been my experience.

Wonderful book. I look forward to many more like this one!

I could not be happier that of all the books I could have bought (the cover captured my attention), I bought this one.

Justice Burning! A Joy to Read! 5 Stars!" - Vince: 5 stars


"Once again author April Erwin has managed to write an exceptional book that jeeps one laughing and totally engaged. This book was very well written and totally engaging, filled with memorable characters and witty dialogue. I loved the main characters in this book and was very sad when I reached the final pages. She adds such depth and spirits to her characters that they real seem real and it makes me sad that they are not.

Top notch book written by a budding author. I look forward to her next book!" - Bethany R. DeSelms: 5 stars


"Highly recommend you read this book." - Ben: 5 stars


"Excellent! The characters are well developed and the story has a lot going on. I love that there are fun secondary characters ;)" - Manda Jane: 5 stars


"I loved this book. The story held me enthralled and the detail was amazing. I swear I could feel the heat of the fire, see the flames, smell the smoke. Vivid, descriptive writing and the build up to the romance was great. It’s an inspirational but the faith element worked well with the story and didn’t detract at all from the tension and the plot. It kept me guessing to almost the end, wondering who The Master was. I’d highly recommend this book." - Avid Reader: 5 stars


"Appreciated the Christian attitude of the story. Somewhat predicable with surprise suspects." - Betty Easterla: 4 stars